Triathlon de la Corniche d’Or

03 February 2020

The Saint Raphaël Triathlon will be one of the very first of the season in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur.

“SWIMMING in the bay of Saint-Raphaël, ROLLING on the Corniche d’Or, RUNNING by the sea… This is the setting that awaits you during the Saint-Raphaël Triathlon.”

Two courses on offer: Triathlon S and Triathlon M


For the swimming event, the start will be from the emblematic Veillât beach, opposite the Saint Raphaël Casino. An early start offering a unique panorama of the bay. It’s a place to relax, where the Mediterranean water is regularly checked by the town council, who are keen to offer bathers top-quality water!

For the cycling event, Format S means 20 km to cover. On leaving the bike park, triathletes will take the Corniche d’Or road towards the Côte d’Azur. This circuit is accessible to all. Each competitor will have a round trip with no major difficulties, turning around at the Agay central traffic circle. This route takes in the seaside, passing through Dramont, the site of the 1944 landings. It’s an ideal route for participants who will be taking on all three disciplines for the first time, and undoubtedly a fast, adrenaline-pumping one for the more experienced.


Finally, for the running event, the organizing team is proposing a route along the seafront towards the port of Santa Lucia. 2 loops will be run for the Sprint format, totalling around 5km. The loop will culminate at the nautical school. The course has also been set out so that spectators and Raphaël locals can enjoy the show and cheer on all the runners. The finish line will be in the Jardin Bonaparte near the Saint Raphaël angel for a unique moment!


As with the sprint format, the start will be on the Veillât beach in Saint Raphaël, the most central beach in the seaside resort next to the Vieux Port, a fine sandy beach almost 400 meters wide. This is the busiest beach in summer. For this event, it will belong to the triathletes for a Mass Start. Swimmers will set off for two 750-meter loops, with an Australian-style exit to the delight of spectators!


At the end of this effort, competitors will cross the beach and climb a few meters up the ramp that will take them to the bike park for an intense sequence!


The M course will cover the 12km between Saint Raphaël and the magnificent bay of Agay, just as the sprint competitors did earlier in the morning.


Arriving at Agay’s central traffic circle, they’ll continue along the Avenue des Golfs, which a few kilometers further on will take them into the Estérel massif.


A very pretty, highly selective loop awaits triathletes, with a further 20Km requiring you to be complete on the bike. The slopes, in the middle of this massif characterized by its red rocks, will make all the difference and the viewpoint around the Rocher Saint Barthélémy will offer you an unforgettable postcard. The descent to Cap Roux is fraught with danger, before the return journey along the Corniche d’Or towards Saint Raphaël promises to be a tough and powerful one.

Effort management, before you start running, will be the key to this 44Km course, which will appeal to everyone! The Olympic-distance course will feature 3 loops of somewhat longer distance, leading to the Santa Lucia harbor and the Golden Islands, our city’s heritage and tourist mecca. An ideal 10Km for spectators, suitable for newcomers and triathlon enthusiasts in early May. The run course will give everyone a chance to express themselves. All triathletes will finish by climbing the access ramp to the Bonaparte garden and pushing on for the last two hundred meters, in the warm atmosphere we’re preparing for you!

Each route has been set out so that spectators and Raphaël locals alike can enjoy the show and cheer on all the runners. The finish line will be in the Jardin Bonaparte near the Saint Raphaël angel for a unique moment!

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